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Abyar Sanant Plast Co. in 2008, with the aim of pioneering manufacturing and exporting different types of PVC and Polyethylene Productions, proceeds to receiving the license of the establishment and to purchasing of devices and machinery associated with the type of the its production.
In 2009, Abyar Sanat Plast Co. simultaneously by receiving the operation license from the respectful General Administration of Industry and Mines of Province Qazvin continued its activity with producing different types of Granule PVC, agricultural, Industrial and household hoses with high quality
and competitive with the preferential domestics and foreign companies and due to the satisfaction of the respectful customers and their uninterrupted and continual demands from inside and outside of Iran (countries like: Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia etc.…and also
regarding to the launching of production line of other products, in 2010 this company proceeded to purchasing some other devices and machinery associated with Polyethylene production and simultaneously to launching the production line of different types of Nylon and Nynex