quality control

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Quality Control :

• Control of raw materials:
All raw materials from reputable domestic and foreign vendors with ISO certification is purchased.
Raw material before entering the barn carefully tested in the laboratory quality control, if purchased sex comply with its analysis the entry into the data warehouse.

• Control during the production process:
Company personnel after training and learning self-control culture to the production process is supervised by the quality control unit.
As a quality control department representative and the client under the direct supervision of the management and control inspection at all stages of production in accordance with international standards and customer demands are as follows:

Commodity control entrance to the hall
Manufacturing process control, such as tensile strength and thickness of film productions
Manufacturing process control
Polishing and cutting process control
Distributed process control and final product packaging

Integrated Management System Policy plastic irrigation Industry for more than five decades of experience in the field of hose, nylon, etc. Naylks integrated policy management system are announced as follows:

Customer focus and understanding of customer requirements
Customer satisfaction by offering quality products and using high quality raw materials
Timely delivery time and competitive price
Innovations in production and cut dependence on overseas
Trying to enter the international market and domestic market development
R & D and innovation in the production of quality products
Compliance with national laws and regulations and other requirements